Friday 23 March 2012

Aliens in the Universe talk

Lancing College
I have given this talk on aliens in the Universe on many occasions. Some of the most memorable times was to Foxhills school who brought along approximately 90 primary school children to the university or at the INTECH stargazing evening. At Intech I gave the talk 3 times to families and members of the general public and each show sold out :). I recently gave this talk at Lancing College which is an amazing place, reminded me a lot of Hogwarts (see right).

Included within the talk about Aliens/Life in the Universe, the students are asked to become the planets in the solar system by holding the inflatable planets and getting in order. The students in the audience are then encouraged to decide if the planets are in the correct order if they should be changed. I then try to create some discussion over which planets in our solar system are most likely to harbour life . 

Contents of Talk

Questions from students
This talk always spurs loads of questions, so many that I often have to leave many questions unanswered.

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